Terms of payment

Paypal account and credit card through Paypal

If you choose Paypal mode, you will be directed directly to the Paypal screen to access your personal account and proceed with payment.
This mode is safe, immediate, at no cost to the customer and also allows the use of the main Visa, Visa Electron, PostePay, MasterCard, American Express and Carta Aura credit cards.
The shipment starts the day after the payment.


Bank Transfer

By choosing this method of payment, we wait until  the credit will be in our bank account, (around 3/4 working days). Only after we'll send your products.
The reason for reporting on the bank transfer must indicate: Number and date of the order, your name and surname.
The data to make the transfer are:

Bank Account: Pennuto Maria
Bank: Unicredit
IBAN: IT60H0200884101000102504730



Aperitivo Analcolico Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple
75 cl di succo d'arancia, 15 cl di Ginger Ale, 2 cl di Granitina, ghiaccio, spicchi di limone per guarnire, 1 ciliegia per guarnire
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise
4,5 cl di tequila, 9 cl di succo di arancia fresco, 1,5 cl di granatina, 1 fettina di arancia o lime per guarnire
4,5 cl di succo di pompelmo, 2,5 cl di succo di arancia, 4,5 cl di succo di limone, 2 cucchiai di sciroppo di zucchero, seltz
From Sicily on your table in 5 days (foreign countries)
SDA Shipping

Deliveries in 48 hours with SDA

All the punctuality of the national and foreign shipments of SDA. All orders are traceable viaTracking Number

Secure Paypal

Your safety first.

Thanks to the reliability of paypal, you can also pay with the major credit cards. All payments are made on secure server with the Paypal Purchase Guarantee.more

Assistenza post vendita

Post Sales Assistance

Keep in touch with us! If you have doubts, questions or proposals contact us via WhatsApp, we will respond even faster to your messages.